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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Premium Replacement Battery


In stock (can be backordered)

  1. Premium Top High-quality Replacement Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  2. Used to replace damaged and non-working Battery.
  3. Rechargeable and environmentally friendly battery.
  4. Long-life battery Specifically design for Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  5. Choose the Cpp-express Replacement batteries for high-quality, high capacity performance, and Environmental friendly material.
  6. It provides a comfortable feel and gives maximum power so you can use your phone with no hassle.
  7. Lithium-ion battery, Charge faster. Long-Lasting and have higher power density Maximum Protection, A Good Better health for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  8. Grade A cells ensure longer battery life and efficient charging. Cpp-express replacement battery will make your phone’s battery life will be as good as new!
  9. A Lifetime warranty is offered when purchasing with CPP-Express.
  10. High-capacity battery, compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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Weight2.5 lbs

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