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Samsung Galaxy S22 Sim Card Tray Holder Replacement


Available on backorder

  • Premium Quality Sim tray for the Samsung Galaxy S22.
  • Replace a cracked, damaged, or loose-fitting sim tray with this brand new one for a secure connection between the sim and the phone.
  • Made for the Samsung Galaxy S22.
  • Use a paperclip to eject the old sim tray and install this new one.
  • Used to repair faulty, Bent, cracked, or damaged existing sim card tray Holder.
  • The assistive material makes the Sim Card Holder Stay in Place and easier to handle and hold.
  • This is Designed Precisely, as the Original makes Sim Card Stay in place and keeps Internal Components secure.
  • Installation is simple and quick.
  • This sim tray has the best precision cut.
  • It provides a secure connection.
  • CPP-EXPRESS Provides a lifetime warranty on its products with Reliability and Efficiency.

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