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X21-ACCUFIX Fully Automatic Precision Laser Machine Solution Back glass Repair


New upgraded X21-ACCUFIX the first all automatic laser screen machine.
Built-in high definition computer with autofocus sensor
Marking object maximum height is 85 mm
Built-in precise drawings for all the newest models
High precision calibrator for accurate calibration
Welcome to a new easy way to repair broken back glass on the latest devices.

Features & Highlights:
High-Speed Vibration Mirror
Manual Speed Control
Auto Focus Switch
Lifting Platform Switch
Auto Focus Key
Auto Focus Indicator
Focal Length Positioning Pin
High Clear Display
Built-In powerfull Computer
Precision Marking Abilities
Wide Working Plate

*As soon as you make the purchase one of our representatives will contact you to set up delivery times and provide you with all the necessary documents. If you need anymore information you are welcome to chat with us here on our site or call us at 954-393-0639 or 954-635-5525 

Additional information

Weight45 lbs